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The educational aspect of the ALEJ

The association tries, as a main objective, to initiate, support, and develop actions and projects wihich contribute to the promotion and development of educational tergets in rural areas:

-  To improve the daily life of children, teenagers and their families.
-  To encourage the developmentin each, of creativity, social integration and team spirit.
-  To develop common-sense and friendliness.
-  To encourage civil loyalty and respect for others.
-  To be open to, to accept other people.
-  To allow adults to meet and generations to mix.
-  To fight against exclusion and enforce it’s prevention, as much between the young as between adults.
-  To increase awareness and create a solidarty at the heart of the Association.
-  To increase awareness of the idea of effort and difficulty which leads to fulfilling a project.


1 - To look on each child as an individual in his own right
2 - To respect the personal pace of each child
3 - To encourage greater independence
4 - To give children freedom in their activities
5 - To allow children to express themselves, to be listened to, and to learn the very necessary ideas of civilty


Our aim takes particular account of:
-  The surrounding area
-  Team organisation of activities
-  The uses and conditions at the Activity Centre

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