The history of the Association
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The association ADVERVIL ( association for the preservation of rural schools ans community life) was created in 1995. This initiative came about due to a proposal to abolish a teaching post in one of schools classed under RPI(Re-organisation of Inter-communal Teaching) The main of the association is to enrich the lives of children, young people and their families.

In 1996, ADERVIL took over the running of the Activity centre in the Canton of Montaigu de Quercy. After having opened it’s doors during the summer and minor holidays, the CLSH (Activity Centre without Accommodation)widened it’s scope by linking up with the RPI schools and forming the CLAE (Activity centre allied to school).

In Serre region, the canton of Montaigu includes a number of floral villages worthy of high praise and the premises of the Association were situated in the heart of the village of Roquecor, some 25 km. from Moissac, 28 km. from Villeneuve sur Lot, and 35 km from Agen.

Within the framework of the different activities proposed, our title has changed in the year 2000 to become the ALEJ (Association for the activities of children and teenagers). We are now making a big effort to offer our skills and services to enhance life in our villages.

Since summer 2002, a branch of the Centre has been available in the school in Montaigu de Quercy allowing children from local districts to benefit from the various activities.

Sadly, we have just had to give up our premises in Roquecor due to the current owner wishing to re-possess the proprety, but from now on, everyone will be very welcome at our new office in Montaigu de Quercy. This is a temporary measure, as we hope eventually to re-open within the school premises in Roquecor.

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