A week-end in the Canyons
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A week-end of adventurefor adults and youngesters over 12 years, took place in the Pyrenees in June 2003.
.Organisé en Juin 2003.
On our arrival, 2 instructors made us familar with all the equipment. After the final instructions, the adventure in the canyons could begin. A first hesitant abseil and we were moving about in spectacular country-side, where walking, swimming, abseiling and jumping in great pools followed each other. That’s a sample of what the world of canyons held for us....
The thrill continued as we discovered the Adventure Park of Aramits comprising 73 aerial games, where numerous activities allowed us to try and outdo each other with daring and by being adventurous. And to crown it all, we were able to experience the great thrill of bungey-jumping, and all this in total security.

The participants front row left to rigth, then second row, left to right) :
Arno, Seb, Marcelou, David, Marc, Nina, Fred, Kiki, Christian
Kro, Nath,Jérôme, Clément, and Christine